Low-cost Air Environmental Sensors

Our group has pioneered the development, and application of low-cost air quality sensors. Our focus has been on developing sensor packages that can measure particulate matter (PM), NOx and ozone (O3), and we have designed robust sensor packages for indoor, outdoor, and personal exposure monitoring. We have also developed methodologies to calibrate sensors (Zheng et al., 2018), and maintain sensor networks (Zheng et al., 2019). We have also deployed sensors in health studies and have been able to show that indoor air filtration, when done properly, has clear health benefits (Cui et al., 2020). In addition, we have designed water quality sensors, as well as sensors to detect solar panel soiling (Valerino et al., 2020) and continue to work on the development of a wide variety of environmental sensors for applications that are focused on improving environmental and human health.

sensor package

Highlighted peer-reviewed publications:

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